An initiative of Ecological Groups from Cyprus along with the Agricultural Research Institute

On Wednesday, September 10th 2014, at Zygi experimental station of the Agricultural Research Institute of Cyprus (ARI), an all-day educational workshop took place with the subject: Cultivating and Saving our traditional vegetable varieties.

This workshop hosted specialists and researches from ARI in the fields of composting, organic agriculture, microorganisms, vegetable pest control, and collecting and maintaining our traditional seeds with the goal of educating representatives from various ecological organizations in Cyprus on the theme of saving traditional varieties.

Among the participants were representatives of the Eco-groups of Amarantos, Anakyklos Perivallontiki, Movement of Life Cyprus, Utopia Collectiva and other ecological initiatives of Cyprus.

This seminar was the first step in educating the various eco-groups’ representatives by the ARI team, on the subjects of: organic agriculture, pest control and correct principles on researching, recording and collecting traditional seeds, aiming eventually in the reproduction and maintenance of heirloom vegetable seed varieties of Cyprus.

In this seminar, information was shared on basic agricultural practices by Mr George Soteriou and the basics on the use of compost and manure in agriculture by Dr Panayiotis Ntalias, as well information on microorganisms and soil fertility by Dr Michalis Omerou. Dr Lambros Papayiannis and Mr Nicos Seraphides, talked about the main vegetable pests and expanded on their control via organic ways. Important part of this workshop was Dr. Dionysia Fasoula’s talk on the principles of maintaining genetic material as well the lecture by seed specialist and event coordinator, Mr Aggelos Kyratzis who analyzed some basic points on collecting, processing and maintaining vegetable seeds.

All the conducted presentations will soon be uploaded on ARI’s homepage and you will be able to download and save them by clicking on the announced links.

This was the first workshop of a constructive collaboration that has initiated between the ARI Cyprus and various active ecological organizations in the island. The aim of this initiative is to combine the excitement and dedication that these eco-groups have shown on spreading the knowledge around maintaining our traditional seeds along with the technical and scientific experience ARI has accumulated through years of research in the field. This consists of a terrific chance for scientific knowledge, experience and actions on the subject of seed saving, to merge together and create a powerful synergy that promises to mobilize the scenery of Heirloom Seed Saving in Cyprus.

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