An initiative of the Movement of Life Cyprus in collaboration with the team Peliti

The event “Traditional Seeds: Saving and Preserving our Old Varieties” was organized by the local team of the Movement of Life Cyprus in collaboration with the alternative community Peliti from Greece, with the auspice of the Commissioner of Environment, Mrs Ioanna Panayiotou.

The event took place on Saturday, November 23rd 2013, at Solea High School and was attended by more than 200 people. You can find pictures of this event by clicking here.

During the Seed event, our special guest, Aris Pavlos, coordinator of the local team of Peliti in Aegina, analyzed the importance of saving and preserving our traditional seeds while Efi Xanthou, member of the political committee of the Enviromentalist Green Party of Cyprus, explained the need for total ban of genetically modified seeds in the Republic of Cyprus.

During the event all the local teams of Cyprus currently involved in the creation of collective vegetable gardens as well as saving and exchanging traditional seeds, were presented. Among the teams presented were: Agronautes, Amarantos, Anakyklos Perivallontiki, Ellovos, Kyprion Sporoi, Utopia Collectiva and Feed the People.

Important part of the event was the Seed Trade that took place among the attendees with 2000 seed packages being handed out, brought especially from Greece by the team of Peliti along with many Cyprus seed varieties brought in by a number of professional as well as amateur cultivators.

During this Seed Event series of activities, the first school vegetable garden in Cyprus consisting entirely out of traditional seeds, was created at Solea High school, with the participation of the school’s students and teachers. Also, three radio interviews were realized, that promoted the event: one at MYCYradio, another at Astra Radio Station and Mr Michalis’ Loizides show “The Garden of Earth” as well as a short interview at CYBC (Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation) with Mrs Elena Charlambous.

This event marked the official initiation of the effort to save and preserve our traditional seed varieties here in Cyprus. With the obvious interest expressed by a large number of Cypriots, it is certain that this event will only consist the beginning of a series of events to follow related to Saving our Old Seeds as well as Seed trades that will take place all across Cyprus.

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