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Last week, a pharmaceutical drug, Remdesivir, was presented to the world, allegedly to help patients infected during the pandemic. Does this drug bring justified hope – or is it just hype?

Let us first look at the background. In recent months, the people of the world have been confronted with a viral disease that has rapidly developed into a pandemic. The main reason for this was not primarily the aggressiveness of the virus, but the weakened immune systems of hundreds of millions of people.

This worldwide problem of a weakened immune system is no coincidence. It was deliberately brought about in the interest of an investment business, the pharmaceutical investment industry. An optimal supply of vitamins and other natural micronutrients is the only scientifically proven measure to strengthen the immune system.  But this potentially life-saving knowledge has been deliberately withheld from the people of the world – in the interest of a billion-dollar investment business with patented pharmaceutical drugs.

The current pandemic, i.e. the susceptibility of the entire world population to a novel virus, is the inevitable consequence of a much larger ‘pandemic’: the immune deficiency in the bodies of hundreds of millions of people, which has been spread worldwide over decades in the interest of the pharmaceutical business with patented drug preparations.

And now, as people are confronted with the global consequences of this multibillion-dollar investment business, these same investment circles are using this crisis to advertise themselves as the ‘saviors of humanity’. The pharmaceutical preparations currently discussed, however, are all toxic. Their known side effects include damage to the immune system, organ failure, and even deformities of newborns.

The first of these drugs that has now been officially touted by the US government for patients infected during the pandemic is Remdesivir, a drug manufactured by the US-based Gilead corporation. The US government’s pandemic advisor, Anthony Fauci, announced to a stunned global audience that this drug was a kind of miracle cure for patients who became infected during the pandemic. The independent world press judged Fauci’s appearance differently – it spoke of a pharmaceutical propaganda show.

Below, Dr. Matthias Rath answers the most pressing questions about this development.

- Dr. Rath, what was Remdesivir developed for?

This pharmaceutical preparation had originally been developed to be used against two types of viruses that are mainly found in Africa – the Ebola virus and the Marburg virus. In both cases the preparation has failed. Now it is being tested to see whether the substance is effective against the virus that is causing the current pandemic.




- What were the results of these studies?

The first large clinical trial with this compound was conducted in China, at the site of origin of the current pandemic. The doctors and scientists involved found that the preparation was of no benefit to patients who had been infected with the pathogen. In fact, the study was terminated prematurely. More patients had died taking the drug (14%) compared to 13% in the control group who weren’t taking it. The frequency of lung failure (respiratory failure or acute respiratory distress syndrome) was 5 times higher in the Remdesivir group than in the control group, while the frequency of cardiopulmonary failure was 3 times higher.

The conclusion of the scientists was: “In this study with hospitalized patients suffering from severe COVID-19 infection, Remdesivir showed no benefit on clinical outcome or viral infection.” The results of this study were published in one of the most prestigious medical journals, The Lancet, on April 29, 2020.

The second study was also terminated prematurely – not by the scientists or patients, but by Anthony Fauci himself. With this step he wanted to prevent the world’s media from reporting on the ineffectiveness of the Gilead drug. On the day of the publication of the Chinese study, 29 April 2020, he appeared on US television and boasted about what the New York Times subsequently described as “modest” benefits of the drug.

Fauci had to admit that there was no significant difference in deaths between the drug group and the control group. Only the duration of the disease had been shortened by a few days, from 15 to 11 days. Fauci’s remarkable presentation contained no information about side effects of the drug, long-term results, or other crucial data; indeed, there has been no scientific publication of the study to date.

It was a pure propaganda show by Anthony Fauci and had only one sure result: the Gilead share price rose immediately. Not surprisingly, many members of the US committee that established the treatment guidelines for the current pandemic are financially dependent on Gilead. More than half a dozen of these ‘experts’ concealed this connection completely.

Anthony Fauci, promotes questionable pandemic drugs

Anthony Fauci, promotes questionable pandemic drugs

- What is the bodily target of this pharmaceutical drugs?

Remdesivir is a synthetic molecule that mimics one of the building blocks of the genetic material chains DNA/RNA, a so-called ‘nucleotide analogue’. When given to a patient, this synthetic molecule is incorporated into his or her genetic material – in place of the natural biological building block – and thus prevents cell proliferation.

Fauci and the pharmaceutical interests behind him gave the impression that this drug, which seriously interferes with cellular metabolism, can be used to specifically block virus replication. So far, there is no proof of this. What is certain, however, is that this molecule is not only incorporated into the genetic material of the virus – it also hinders the healthy reproduction of all the body’s other cells as well.


 -What are the most important side effects of the drug?

By taking this drug, all body cells are damaged – especially those cells that multiply quickly such as blood cells that are formed in the bone marrow. This leads to a reduction in the body’s production of all three types of blood cells: the red blood cells (erythrocytes), the blood platelets (thrombocytes), and the white blood cells (leukocytes) which are responsible for the body’s immune defense against viruses, bacteria and other invaders. In the medical world, this bone marrow-damaging effect of the drug is well known and is referred to in medical terminology as ‘myelotoxicity’.

Remdesivir  bodily side effects


- Has this damaging effect on the patients' blood cells been proven in any of the studies mentioned above?

Yes, the clinical study published in The Lancet showed in its results section that the number of patients suffering from a deficiency in red blood cells (consequence: anemia) and blood platelets (consequence: increased risk of bleeding) was higher in the Remdesivir group compared to the control group.

The Lancet

- Does the damage to the bone marrow and weakening of the immune system only occur with Remdesivir, or is it a known side effect of all so-called anti-viral drugs?

All pharmaceutical drugs based on this mechanism of action – the incorporation of synthetic molecules into DNA – have this bone marrow-damaging effect. The intake of these drugs is accompanied by the inevitable biological consequences of this damage; namely the risk of anemia, disturbed blood coagulation, and above all the weakening of the immune system.

Remdesivir Side effects

-How should I evaluate these findings as a doctor or patient?

By taking Remdesivir and similar preparations over a longer period of time, as a patient you have only a modest chance of improvement – if any at all. On the other hand, the weakening of the immune system is a dangerous side effect which you should always expect. It is an effect predetermined by the mechanism of action of these drugs.

-Should physicians recommend this product to prevent a viral infection?

Every educated doctor knows about the dangerous side effects mentioned above. It is ultimately the responsibility of the doctor to decide whether to administer this preparation to a patient who has contracted the virus during the current pandemic.

However, should a doctor recommend Remdesivir for the prevention of this or other infectious diseases, this would not only constitute malpractice but an offence against the patient. Due to the immune system weakening effect of Remdesivir and similar drugs, the chance of infection is not reduced but – on the contrary – further increased. Such a recommendation knowingly endangers the health and lives of patients and must therefore result in legal action against the prescribing physician, politician, or the recommending authority.

-Are there examples of pharmaceutical preparations of this kind having actually been recomStop AIDS Book mended for the prevention of viral diseases?

Yes. The pharmaceutical companies’ campaign to combat the HIV epidemic, particularly in South Africa and other developing countries, aimed not only at distributing toxic ‘antiretroviral’ (ARV) preparations to HIV-infected patients, but also to force the entire population to take them – supposedly as a preventive measure.

For this purpose, international pharmaceutical companies established notorious ‘pusher’ groups, and even financed political parties trying to influence public opinion with the slogan ‘ARVs for All!’ Social welfare was only to be paid by the state to those HIV patients whose immune cells – with the help of toxic ARVs – had been pushed below a minimum blood value that was hardly compatible with life.

This business model of the pharmaceutical companies with the HIV crisis in developing countries was as simple as it was unscrupulous. Under the shadow of the crisis, they were seeking to expand their global drug market in two main ways. Firstly, they sought to prescribe ARV drugs to patients suffering from immunodeficiency disease. The known side effects of these drugs led to further weakening of the immune system. Secondly, by chemically damaging people’s immune systems with ARV drugs, they sought to turn populations not yet negatively affected by HIV infection into potential ‘customers’ for antibiotics and countless other pharmaceutical preparations.

Our foundation has comprehensively summarized this unscrupulous ‘pharmaceutical colonialism’ in the book ‘END AIDS!’.

I see it as my responsibility to point out to the people of Europe and the world that pharmaceutical lobbyists and power-hungry politicians will undoubtedly attempt to advertise this unscrupulous business model globally as a necessary ‘precaution’ against this and future pandemics.

-These are serious accusations. Are these not exceptions within the framework of the pharmaceutical industry's business activities?

No. These activities are not the exception, but the rule. Indeed, this is the very basis of the pharmaceutical investment business with disease. The marketplace for this multibillion-dollar investment industry is the diseases of today. The industry’s entire business model is geared to maintaining and expanding this marketplace. The operational basis of this investment industry is comprehensible to everyone, you only have to pause and think about it for a moment.

Take chemotherapy, for example – a global multibillion-dollar market for the pharmaceutical industry. Chemotherapy is recommended and administered to cancer patients, despite the pharmaceutical industry knowing full well that the most common side effect of these toxic preparations is the development of new cancer in the patient’s body. To cover this up, the survival statistics of chemotherapy are only given for three or five years.

And then there is the pharmaceutical industry’s business based on the fear of suffering a heart attack. For almost three decades, the pharmaceutical industry tried to make people believe that elevated cholesterol levels were the cause of heart attacks and strokes. And the only way to prevent these often-fatal events was – according to the drug lobbyists – to consume cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

Today we know that elevated cholesterol levels are not the main cause of blood vessel damage and atherosclerotic deposits. If they were, we would not suffer infarctions primarily in the coronary arteries of the heart. We would also have infarctions in the nose, ear or elbow as well, because cholesterol levels are the same throughout the body. Moreover, we now also learn that statin drugs stimulate the blood vessel wall cells to produce more calcium molecules. These drugs do not slow down the calcification of the arteries, but rather accelerate it, as clinical studies have shown.

Exactly the same principle is applied to infectious diseases, and – unless we oppose it – will be implemented by the henchmen of pharmaceutical interests worldwide in the wake of the current pandemic. There is only one effective way to prevent this. We have to call the pharmaceutical industry’s business model what it is: the biggest fraud in human history, promising health to people around the world – but feeding on the targeted continuation and spread of diseases.

-What are the alternatives to help protect us against future pandemics?

Since the pathogens of future pandemics are not known, there can only be one meaningful prevention: the strengthening of our body’s immune defenses. We must ensure that sufficient white blood cells are produced and that these can also optimally perform their defense tasks against the multitude of potential invaders such as viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

Whenever we talk to other people, we have to make it clear: The only scientifically proven measure for building up a healthy immune defense is an optimum intake of vitamins and other micronutrients – both through a fruit and vegetable-rich diet as well as by effective dietary supplements.


Thank you Dr. Rath!


Source: www.dr-rath-foundation.org/2020/05/what-you-should-know-about-the-drugs-that-allegedly-fight-the-pandemic/#future